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              Tape stretching > Tape streching line


              1.  Powerful DST motor offers lower energy consumption, but higher output.
              2.  Melt pump, double T-Die and three folding units system, offer wider application of flat yar.
              3.  Electrical control unit: adopt the European famous-brand processor control (PC) to monitor and control the whole line centrally and fully, bring the easier operation and more stability. (option).
              4.  Apple to produce the PP, HDPE normal tape, fibrillated tape, folded tape and some other flat-type tape with various specifications.

               Products PIC:


              Material loading  Auto. Vacuum material-feeding loaderHot air oven, length 6 m
              Film take-off With multi drives and moisture absorption unitMelt pump
              Automatic filterStatic mixer
              Flat DieScrew type loader/ mixing unit    Gravimetric dosing / mixing unit
              Water quench tankFlat tape folding unit
              Slitting UnitFlat tape fibrillator unit
              Integrated holding unitFilm thickness gauge and control system
              Edge trim recycle and reefed systemIndustrial Process Computer / Europe
              Stretching section with 6 godets, incl. heating unitMulti stretching and annealing section
              Vacuum tape extraction incl. collection box 

              Standard ▲ Option △

               Technical data:

              Screw Diameter (mm)90105120135
              Max. capacity (kg/h)4505508001000
              Screw Revolutions (r/min)20-160

              Tape stretching line
              T-die Width (mm)800110015002×10002×1200
              Length of over (m)6
              Max.operating speed (m/min)450
              Flat thread fibre scope (tex)60-200
              No. of winders (standard)132180216252264

               Because of the continuous design improvement, some specification change may not be prior notice.